How to Prepare Nutritionally for Sheep Gestation

sheep gestation

Sheep Gestation

Sheep breeding season is exciting no doubt. The advancement of reproductive technologies like artificial insemination (A.I.) and sheep embryo transfer (E.T.) protocols is becoming more readily available. Combine that with the number of sensational new sires to choose from, and advancing your flock’s genetic potential is more efficient than ever.

However, there is a waiting game between the actual conception and delivery of your next lamb crop that you need to prepare for: sheep gestation. Getting your ewes prepared for gestation is vitally important to ensure that you have a successful lambing season. 

This is true for both donors and the ewes that are carrying the embryos, commonly referred to as recips. Both need and deserve the same care and attention as any other breeding female.  

At BioZyme®, our mission is to provide care that comes full circle to every animal, every day. From the ewe being bred for the first time to the newborn lamb, we want to make sure every animal is cared for and knows its purpose. 

That’s why we developed DuraFerm®, a line of nutritional supplements for sheep and goats that supports optimal digestion and nutrition for maximized performance at every stage of production. 

Preparing for Sheep Gestation 

First of all, we will tell you that sheep gestation lasts approximately 145 days. If you want to know how to figure gestation within your own flock, we’ve prepared this handy, interactive Sheep Gestation Calculator for your use. 

Simply plug in your breeding date, and the expected lambing date will populate. Or, if you prefer to work backward, you can type in when you would like to lamb to know when you should set your ewes up for breeding. 

Also, our DuraFerm team is not comprised of reproductive experts. It would be irresponsible of us to suggest how to breed your ewes or genetic matings. We recommend that you work in collaboration with your veterinarian or reproduction specialist to plan any E.T. or A.I. protocols and health checks. 

What we do know about and are passionate about is quality nutrition, which is vital to the success of your flock and its reproductive success. 

Nutrition is Vital to Sheep Gestation 

One of the most important aspects of getting your flock ready for sheep gestation is to provide both the donors and the recipient ewes with the most complete diets possible. This includes a balance of vitamins, minerals, water, protein, energy and forages.  

“The recip is the host, literally taking care of the embryo, so her plane of nutrition is just as important as the donors. Make sure all ewes are on Concept•Aid® mineral to make sure they get their trace minerals,” said Sam Silvers, BioZyme Director of National Specialty Livestock. “It’s important to ensure the ewes are not overly fat or not too thin.” 

With three different formulas, there is a DuraFerm mineral ideal for any sheep flock’s operational goals in mind.  

DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® 

Are you looking for a loose mineral that is ideal for your flock’s year-round nutrition needs? DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid is a free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement for sheep designed to support reproductive success.  

It contains AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility and high levels of vitamin E for reproductive tract repair. Additionally, it supports embryo production and conception using organic trace minerals.  

DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® Protein Tub 

Another quality product that might even be more ideal for setting up those ewes for flushing is the DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid Protein Tub. This protein tub with vitamins and minerals for sheep is designed to support reproductive success.  

The 125-pound tub contains the Concept•Aid sheep mineral package in a 16% natural protein tub. It supports embryo production and conception using organic trace minerals and high levels of vitamin E. 

Like all DuraFerm products, it contains Amaferm to enhance digestibility.   

DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® HEAT® 

Keeping your ewes bred during the heat of the summer is critical. That is why we formulated DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® HEAT®, a free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement designed to support reproductive success when temperatures are above 70 degrees.  

This formula contains HEAT technology, a combination of essential oils and garlic, to support animals when heat and insects are a challenge. Of course, it still contains the Concept•Aid sheep mineral package and Amaferm to enhance digestibility.  

Like the other two formulas, it supports embryo production and conception using organic trace minerals and high levels of vitamin E.  

Get your DuraFerm Today  

Do you want to get your donors and recipients into optimum nutritional shape with DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid products powered by AO-Biotics Amaferm? You can! DuraFerm is available through the extensive BioZyme dealer network. Locate a dealer near you today.  

Don’t forget to use our Sheep Gestation Calculator. This handy guide will help you with all your sheep breeding calculations.  

You can also learn more about DuraFerm from our educational blog series or by signing up for our newsletter.

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