Justin Rapp
"Used DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® HEAT® mineral last summer and the ewes grazed longer throughout the day (even the hot parts of the day) resulting in better body conditions and more ...Read More
Mitchell King
"We Used the DuraFerm® minerals with my goats here at King Livestock and saw higher conception rates and higher pregnancies maintained. We currently have out the Goat Concept•Aid® and the ...Read More
Gretchen Campbell
"We used DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® HEAT® for the first time last summer and saw a dramatic change in our ewes including an 81% A.I. conception rate in the middle of ...Read More
Jeanette Huffman Jenkins
"I use the DuraFerm® minerals for my goats. I recommend them all the time and I truly have seen what a difference they make just recently when we purchased two ...Read More
Noah Henson | North Carolina
"Using DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® mineral and Sheep Concept•Aid Protein Tubs, I had 3 does produce 59 embroys and an 87% conception rate on recips."
Ginger Asbury | Michigan
"Using Duraferm® Sheep Concept•Aid® Protein Tubs we only had 2 singles this year along with 4 sets of triplets. It also shortened our lambing season due to the ewes all ...Read More
Trevor Corboy | Ohio
“We’ve used the DuraFerm® Goat Concept•Aid® for three years and have seen an improvement in our overall goat health due to more available nutrients to them. We’ve used the same ...Read More
Colin Cummings | Virginia
"We’ve been feeding DuraFerm® for 2 years now. We started buying some sheep off a guy in Ohio a few years back and he turned us onto it and we’ve ...Read More
Justin Rapp | Missouri
"We’ve used Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® for several years now. We introduce lambs to it when they first start hitting creep at a couple weeks old. We continue to use ...Read More
Tyler Rhoads, Harrell Club Lambs | Oklahoma
“From a reproductive standpoint, I’ve seen an increase in conception rates since starting them on DuraFerm®. The best improvement is in my recips’ retention rates. Their preg rates are better, ...Read More
Jeff Long, Long Livestock | Utah
“DuraFerm® Concept Aid® helps keep the ewes bred. We’ve had great success on it. We went 94% on A.I. last year, which is the highest we’ve ever had. The last ...Read More
Warntjes Livestock | California
“You can rely on the nutrition behind the vitamins and minerals you are going to get out of the DuraFerm® Sheep® Concept•Aid® mineral from the standpoint of BioZyme® having nutritionists formulate the ...Read More
Silvers Livestock | Texas
“The lambs will hit the DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® Tub first before anything else, usually within two to three weeks of age. That’s what I want, to get that protein in ...Read More
Mullikin Club Lambs | Kentucky
“We AI’ed 90 ewes on August 4 and had a 72% conception rate. Before we started using the DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® mineral, our rate was closer to 55-60% every breeding. ...Read More
Joe and Megan Hobbs | Kansas
"Since moving to Kansas two years ago, and starting to use DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® mineral, we have seen an increase in overall flock health and ewes maintain great body condition. ...Read More
Noah & Sadie Mullet | Clear Lake, Wisconsin
“We saw some great increases in production since adding DuraFerm® Goat Concept•Aid® to this commercial dairy goat farm.”
Johnny Wood | Missouri
"One of the most challenging aspects of commercial meat goat production that I face is herd health. The problems that I most commonly deal with are stress, dehydration, reduced appetite ...Read More