How to Control Insects in your Sheep, Goats

If you own livestock, you’ve got insects. And, if you’ve got sheep or goats, you’ve not only got flies, but ticks and other bugs that can lead to economic losses and physical harm and discomfort to your animals. Summer heat and rains create ideal breeding conditions for many of these pests, but with some planning […]

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Preparing for Summertime Breeding

We typically think of springtime as a time of birth and growth. Gardens are planted, flowers bloom and newborn lambs and kids are jumping around on the farm. However, with changes in technology and the evolving demand for lambs and goats at various times of the year, more and more producers have started breeding in […]

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Tips for Grazing Sheep & Goats

Sheep and goats are natural grazers. In most areas grass and other forages are abundant, yet need managed, which is best done naturally through proper grazing. Land stewardship is really an example of “care that comes full circle,” as humans and animals take care of the land, while it provides feed and nutrients to the […]

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