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BioZyme®️ Incorporated is an innovative company in the agricultural fields of livestock nutrition and animal microbiology that manufactures supplements & precision biotics that naturally promote animal health and performance for Care that Comes Full Circle. DuraFerm®️ is a line of nutritional supplements for sheep and goats that supports optimal digestion and nutrition for maximized performance at every stage of production.





protein tub for sheep

The Benefits of a Protein Tub for Sheep 

Protein Tub for Sheep Protein is known as the building block for cells. As you work to build your quality sheep flock, you want to be sure that the health and nutrition of that flock are top priorities. If they are, you need to offer adequate protein to your ewes when they need it most.   When […]

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sheep AI

Sheep AI Offers Options 

Sheep AI One little lamb, two little lambs, three little lambs…all with the same outstanding sire. Counting sheep can be a lot more fun when using the advanced reproductive technologies available to you. Artificial insemination (AI) is becoming more prevalent within the industry as a way to propagate genetics from proven sires from across the […]

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protein tub for goats

DuraFerm® Offers A Protein Tub for Goats 

Protein Tub for Goats There are many seasons during a goat’s life and reasons it might require some additional protein in its diet.   Goats may need extra protein in their diets during specific life stages or under certain conditions. Protein constitutes the building blocks for cells. If a goat’s diet is inadequate in protein, then fetal […]

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