Managing Breeding Rams During Periods of Drought

As sheep producers prepare for the upcoming breeding season, Dave Ollila, SDSU Extension Sheep Field Specialist, encourages them to give special consideration to the animal’s body condition. “Ram fertility is a key component in flock reproductive performance during periods of drought,” Ollila explained. “Reduced ram fertility may result from heat stress and a lower plane […]

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How One Sheep Enthusiast Keeps his Flock Healthy

Livestock producers spend countless time and effort making breeding decisions, raising, feeding and marketing quality animals. Therefore, finding high-quality supplements that keep their animals healthy and on feed is important to them. That’s why Seth Hooper, Hooper Show Stock Consulting, Bunch, Okla., has turned to BioZyme® products for his nutrition needs in his sheep flock, […]

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Tips from Veteran Goat Breeder on Keeping Does and Kids Healthy and Eating

Long-time Boer Goat breeder Janine Miller understands the importance of a good mineral program. She had been brand-loyal to one company for the nearly 15 years she’d been raising goats in south central Pennsylvania. That was until September 2017 when one ingredient in the DuraFerm® Goat Concept•Aid® caught her attention, she made the transition and […]

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Mineral Program is the Best Investment for Livestock Producer

Paul Morgan takes his mineral program very seriously. And rightfully so. The Southern Indiana livestock producer has a lot invested in 2M Boer Goats, home to 60-70 donor does and approximately 250 recipients. “The cheapest money you will ever spend on your livestock is on a good mineral program,” Morgan said. “It is important to […]

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