DuraFerm® Offers A Protein Tub for Goats 

protein tub for goats

Protein Tub for Goats

There are many seasons during a goat’s life and reasons it might require some additional protein in its diet.  

Goats may need extra protein in their diets during specific life stages or under certain conditions. Protein constitutes the building blocks for cells. If a goat’s diet is inadequate in protein, then fetal development can be impacted, as well as growth and milk production could be reduced.   

DuraFerm® Protein Tub for Goats 

At BioZyme®, makers of DuraFerm® vitamin and mineral supplements for sheep and goats, we know the value of protein for all species. That’s why we offer the DuraFerm® Concept•Aid® Protein Tub Goat

DuraFerm is a line of nutritional supplements for sheep and goats that supports optimal digestion and nutrition for maximized performance at every stage of production. The DuraFerm Concept•Aid Protein Tub Goat is a protein tub with vitamins and minerals for goats designed to support reproductive success. This 50-pound tub 

  • Contains AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility. 
  • Contains the Concept•Aid goat mineral package in a 20% natural protein tub. 
  • Supports embryo production and conception using organic trace minerals, including copper, zinc, manganese and selenium. 

This tub combines Amaferm, Concept Aid, organic trace minerals, and protein, making it ideal for producers during late gestation and lactation. Let’s learn about other times when increased protein can benefit your herd. 

In addition to the added nutrients and protein, the DuraFerm tub is easy to handle. Goats enjoy its flavor, and once they level out on their nutritional needs, they self-regulate their daily intake. 

The 7 Major Benefits of a Protein Tub for Goats 

But why is a protein tub for goats a product you should invest in? Because it supports your herd. 

Here are the 7 key benefits to providing your herd with protein tubs during each stage of their lives. 

1. Growth and Development 

Young, growing kids require higher protein levels to support their rapid growth and muscle development. Depending on their age and growth rate, kids typically need a diet containing 14-18% protein. 

2. Pregnancy 

Pregnant does need extra protein, especially in the later stages of gestation, to support the development of the fetuses. During the last six weeks of pregnancy, the protein requirements increase significantly as the fetuses grow rapidly. 

3. Lactation 

Lactating does have increased protein needs to produce milk. The protein content of their diet should be higher to ensure they can maintain their body condition while providing adequate nutrition for their kids. Lactating does require diets containing 16-18% protein. 

4. Breeding Season 

Bucks and does may need additional protein during the breeding season to support their increased energy expenditure and reproductive functions. Bucks, in particular, can lose weight during the breeding season and can benefit from a higher protein diet to maintain their condition. 

5. Recovery from Illness or Stress 

Goats recovering from illness, injury, or other stressors may need extra protein to help repair tissues and regain strength. A diet higher in protein can aid in their recovery and overall health. 

6. High Production Levels 

Goats that are producing high levels of milk or meat may require additional protein to sustain their productivity. Dairy goats, in particular, may need diets with higher protein content to support continuous milk production. This is also true for a doe that is nursing multiples, twins or triplets, versus a doe that is only nursing a single kid. 

7. Poor Forage Quality 

During periods when forage quality is low, such as during droughts or winter, goats may need supplemental protein to compensate for the lower nutritional value of available forage. Protein supplements can help ensure goats meet their dietary requirements despite poor forage conditions. 

Did you know that BioZyme offers forage testing for its customers? There is no way to evaluate the nutrient content of your hay just by looking at it. That is why BioZyme offers this service. Contact your local dealer to learn how to get your hay evaluated to discover what its content really is. 

Alternate Sources of Protein for Goats 

To meet the increased protein needs during these times, consider the following protein sources that you can feed in conjunction with DuraFerm Concept•Aid Protein Tubs. Realize that the benefit of Concept•Aid is the Amaferm that it contains. Amaferm helps increase the digestibility of nutrients, meaning that it takes less feed to fill up your animals. 

Legume Hay 

Alfalfa and clover hays are excellent sources of protein and can be included in the diet. 

Grain Supplements 

Feeds like soybean meal, cottonseed meal, and sunflower meal are high in protein and can be added to the diet. 

Commercial Feeds 

Formulated goat feeds often contain balanced protein levels suitable for different life stages and production levels. 


Some agricultural by-products, such as brewers’ grains and distillers’ grains, can be used as protein supplements. 

Should You Get Protein Tubs for Goats? 

Duraferm’s protein tubs offer several management benefits over other sources of protein for goats. Not just because of their protein supplementation, but because tubs offer specific advantages over other products. These benefits make them an attractive option for goat owners aiming to optimize the health and productivity of their herd. 

Convenience & Consistency 

Protein tubs are highly convenient for both the goat and the owner. Unlike daily feed mixes or individual supplements, protein tubs provide a constant and consistent source of protein. Goats can access the protein whenever they need it, ensuring they maintain steady intake levels without the need for frequent human intervention. 


Goats can self-regulate their protein intake with protein tubs. They consume protein according to their physiological needs, which can vary based on age, reproductive status, and health. 

This self-regulation helps prevent both underfeeding and overfeeding, ensuring optimal protein levels are maintained. And never fear—if you’re worried about your goats staying on feed when given the option to roam, we’ve considered that issue. DuraFerm’s products include Amaferm, a prebiotic that boosts digestion in goats. This helps keep them eating even during periods of environmental stress. 

Reduced Labor & Management 

Protein tubs significantly reduce the labor and management required compared to daily feed supplements or individually tailored rations. This is particularly advantageous for larger herds or for owners with limited time. Protein tubs for goats provide a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution. 

Palatability & Consumption 

Protein tubs are designed to be highly palatable, encouraging consistent consumption. This ensures that goats receive their required nutrients regularly, leading to better overall health and productivity. This is especially true when compared to less palatable protein sources that goats might avoid. 

Take it from our DuraFerm Customers 

We can tell you the benefits of the DuraFerm Concept•Aid Protein Tubs Goat all day long. But instead, our team thought you would prefer to see what our customers said. 

From North Carolina. . .  

“Using DuraFerm Goat Concept•Aid mineral and DuraFerm Concept•Aid Protein Tubs Goat, I had 3 does produce 59 embryos and an 87% conception rate on recips.” – Noah Henson 

From Ohio. . . 

“We definitely saw increased conception rates using DuraFerm Goat Concept•Aid and the DuraFerm Protein Tubs, which resulted in 57 out of 59 of our does bred, with one of those a donor. That’s where we really saw the difference with feeding the products and using Amaferm in our feed.” – Jim McDade, McDade Show Goats 

From Arkansas. . .  

“I was not having great results in the last couple of years with the flushes in our program, and that’s the main reason I wanted to try DuraFerm. I put all of my recips and flush does on DuraFerm [and the protein tubs] about 60 days ahead of time, and my flushes have gone from 20-40% so far this year to 60-80%, so I am tickled to death and very happy with those numbers.”

“By far the biggest goal I had was to see if I could improve the number of embryos we get on a flush and the number of embryos to stick, and that’s where I have definitely seen some improvements in my program with DuraFerm being one of the new additions in my program this year.” – Dr. Scott Hoyle, DVM 

Do you want to Strengthen Your Stock?  

Adding protein to your herd seems like a simple choice. However, you want to be sure you have adequate protein along with the other nutrients you need and a prebiotic that will benefit your herd like Amaferm

You’ve invested in quality genetics for your herd. Now, it is time to strengthen your stock with a sound vitamin and mineral supplement with adequate protein to help your herd perform to its optimum.  

You can! Simply add DuraFerm to your operation. With a protein tub for goats, you can strengthen your stock with added protein when they need it most. But which protein tubs? Easy. DuraFerm Concept•Aid Protein Tub Goat.  

Buy your DuraFerm Today!  

Find a dealer closest to you by using our dealer locator.  Perhaps you want to buy it online. You certainly can!   

Want more information about DuraFerm or to use our goat gestation calculator? Visit us online.  

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