Warntjes Livestock | California

“You can rely on the nutrition behind the vitamins and minerals you are going to get out of the DuraFerm® Sheep® Concept•Aid® mineral from the standpoint of BioZyme® having nutritionists formulate the mineral. We feed Concept•Aid year-round to make sure they have optimum levels of vitamins and minerals in their diets. Optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrition in their system year-round means not only are they going to conceive easier and maintain their pregnancies better, but they should have healthier pregnancies and milk better. And then they should start to get ready to breed back as fast as possible as well. We add the DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid Protein Tubs in A.I. groups for 60 days, and we never let them run out. In my opinion, giving them access to those Concept•Aid Protein Tubs gives them everything they need and gives them a boost in protein, which serves as a flushing agent on those ewes. It helps them ovulate more eggs and helps them actually settle from those A.I.’s.”