Jason Geesaman | J-Mar Farm | Virginia

“DuraFerm® minerals are the best minerals I have used, and I’ve used a lot of different minerals. I actually got discouraged about using minerals because my sheep and goats would not consume them. But I didn’t feel my livestock were in the best shape they could be in. After sitting through a meeting about DuraFerm two years ago, I was interested in trying them, and I was surprised how fast they were consumed after a short time. The look of my sheep and goats have improved. I was amazed at my conception rates during breeding also. We pasture breed, and our lambing and kidding season was spread over two months. After one year of using DuraFerm Concept•Aid® we have shortened our lambing and kidding window to a month. I can say that Duraferm minerals are worth every penny when you have healthy ewes and does birthing healthy lambs and kids.”