protein tub for goats

DuraFerm® Offers A Protein Tub for Goats 

Protein Tub for Goats There are many seasons during a goat’s life and reasons it might require some additional protein in its diet.   Goats may need extra protein in their diets during specific life stages or under certain conditions. Protein constitutes the building blocks for cells. If a goat’s diet is inadequate in protein, then fetal […]

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goat AI

A Guide to Goat AI 

Goat AI Artificial insemination (AI) is a technology that allows producers to propagate outstanding genetics at a faster rate. The does within the herd can be bred “artificially” with semen from an outstanding sire halfway across the country instead of using the genetics within one’s own herd.   With goats’ popularity growing and the demand for […]

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sheep breeding

Sheep Breeding Considerations for a Successful Lamb Crop 

Lambing time comes with much anticipation. Sheep producers get to witness the fruits of their labors and see how their mating decisions panned out as they work to create the next “great one.” However, that labor of love starts at least five months earlier as producers prepare for another exciting season: breeding.   Sheep breeding continues […]

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goat breeding

The DuraFerm® Guide to Goat Breeding 

Goat Breeding At BioZyme, we know that reproduction is the key to profitability. If your livestock are not reproductively sound, your bucks will not breed or make semen, and your does will not breed. Several factors lead to successful goat breeding, and we want to be sure you are ready.  Although we are not reproductive […]

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DuraFerm®’s Guide to Maintaining an Ideal Sheep Temperature 

It’s often said that sheep are looking for a reason to die. The BioZyme® team consists of current and former sheep producers, who can definitely relate. However, the truth of the matter is that sheep are susceptible to stress. But at DuraFerm®, we want to help the producers keep their flock’s health top of mind. […]

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Progressive Lamb Producer Relies on Nutrition to Help Achieve Goals

Any progressive sheep breeder knows the keys to success start with a sound reproductive program, and that reproductive health starts with the overall health and nutrition of your animals. Progressive club lamb producer Tyler Pickinpaugh started his flock on his family’s ranch near Torrington, Wyoming, but has since relocated Pickinpaugh Livestock to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he and his wife run about […]

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3 Preventative Measures Against Cache Valley Virus

When we think mosquitos, we typically think of the foul odor of insect repellant and trying to keep those pesky creatures from landing on and biting our skin, causing itching and welts. However, if you are a sheep or goat producer who breeds ewes and does in the summer, your concerns for mosquitoes are likely to increase as you might […]

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Ram Health, Proper Semen Handling Leads to Increased Conception Rates

When it comes to getting your flock bred, having reproductively sound ewes is just 50% of the equation. It is also imperative to have rams that are structurally and reproductively sound, and as an increased number of producers are moving to advanced technologies like A.I. and embryo transfer, knowing how to properly handle semen is […]

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How to Control Insects in your Sheep, Goats

If you own livestock, you’ve got insects. And, if you’ve got sheep or goats, you’ve not only got flies, but ticks and other bugs that can lead to economic losses and physical harm and discomfort to your animals. Summer heat and rains create ideal breeding conditions for many of these pests, but with some planning […]

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How to Successfully Put Weight on Ewes Post-weaning

As you look over your flock during lambing season, it is generally fairly simple to tell which ewes excel in mothering ability. They are the thin ones whose spine shows, are bagged down and have two vigorous lambs half their size nursing like that fresh milk is the best thing invented. Prior to lambing those mama ewes looked great, but due to exceptional maternal traits and milking ability, they look a little rugged, just like they did last year. […]

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