DuraFerm® Goat Concept•Aid® Protein Tubs

When it comes to breeding season every little bit of nutrition helps. That is why BioZyme®, makers of DuraFerm®, created the DuraFerm® Goat Concept•Aid® Protein Tub. This 50-pound tub offers the same nutritional value that many have come to expect in the DuraFerm® Goat Concept•Aid® loose mineral with the benefit of 20% added protein, ideal at breeding season. 

The DuraFerm® Goat Concept•Aid® Protein Tub offers a convenient way to provide high-quality nutrients along with added protein to your herd prior to and during breeding season, or any time supplemental protein is required. 

Key ingredients in this high-quality goat supplement include: 

  • Amaferm®, a precision-based prebiotic, that impacts intake, feed digestibility and nutrient absorption for amplified breeding performance. 
  • High levels of Vitamin E for reproductive tract repair and to support reproductive health. 
  • Organic trace minerals like copper, zinc and manganese for more stability and higher bioavailability. 
  • Balanced levels of vitamin and minerals required for growth, breeding and kidding that supports the immune system for maintaining herd health. 
  • 20% all-natural protein. 

DuraFerm products contain 2.5 times the NRC for quicker impacts.  

Amaferm is research-proven to increase the energy available to the animal resulting in more milk production as well as the ability to initiate and maintain pregnancy and fertility. Ideally, it should be fed 30 days prior to kidding through breeding season; however, to get maximum results for your herd health, feed it year-round. It is especially beneficial in A.I. and E.T. breeding programs. 

Strengthen your stock with this high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement from DuraFerm with added protein. Produce more pounds of live goats with more vigor. 

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