How One Sheep Enthusiast Keeps his Flock Healthy

Livestock producers spend countless time and effort making breeding decisions, raising, feeding and marketing quality animals. Therefore, finding high-quality supplements that keep their animals healthy and on feed is important to them. That’s why Seth Hooper, Hooper Show Stock Consulting, Bunch, Okla., has turned to BioZyme® products for his nutrition needs in his sheep flock, where he breeds ewes to produce show lambs, as well as buys lambs and places them with young exhibitors.

Hooper recalls his first experience with a BioZyme product, about three years ago at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. He had a Dorset Advantage ewe that had shown at jackpots all winter without challenges, but after the three-hour trip to Oklahoma City, she started to show signs of stress. BioZyme Area Sales Manager John Jeffrey had some Vita Charge® at his booth, and Hooper started treating the ewe every 2-3 hours, during a 24-hour period, with the Vita Charge. The ewe started feeling better and won reserve breed champion ewe lamb at the show.

“I’ve been more than pleased with the results I’ve had with the Vita Charge product,” Hooper said. “It’s an inexpensive source of insurance for my program.”

Since his first experience with the Vita Charge, Hooper has taken a more proactive approach to using Vita Charge and gives all his lambs and ewes Vita Charge Paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Gel July 2019) before he transports them. This includes lambs he sells and places, and ewes within his own flock that need to be transported. He said the Vita Charge simply helps reduce the stress and keeps them on feed and water. Hooper started treating a sick lamb he picked up at a sale this summer, and once he got the lamb on the Vita Charge Paste, it started eating and drinking. He gives Vita Charge all the credit for helping the sick lamb maintain its appetite and getting it back to health.

Vita Charge is designed to help livestock recover quickly during times of stress – especially by helping the digestive system which houses 70% of the animal’s immune system. It is formulated for all species and does not interfere with antibiotics. Vita Charge contains Amaferm®, a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply within for maximum performance.

Another product line Hooper has seen good response with in his flock is the DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid®. He has used the DuraFerm free-choice mineral for two years and appreciates the reproductive benefits he sees with his flock. As he has been preparing his ewes for A.I. this fall, he spoke with the A.I. technician who will be breeding, and the technician was pleased with his choice of minerals.

The DuraFerm Concept•Aid contains organic zinc and manganese, selenium yeast and high levels of vitamin E to support maximum reproduction and health. And, like all BioZyme products, it also contains Amaferm, which is research-proven to increase the energy available to the animal resulting in more milk production as well as the ability to initiate and maintain pregnancy and fertility.

With the extreme summer heat this year, Hooper added a third product line to his mix – Sure Champ® Climate Control Paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel July 2019). Climate Control contains Capsaicin to helps maintain normal body temperature to support animal performance in heat stress situations.

“This is my first summer for the Climate Control paste. I’ve hauled sheep on 100 – plus degree days across multiple states, and they have held together really well. These conditions aren’t ideal, but you have to do that sometimes,” Hooper said.

“I feel like we’ve gone with the optimum – it is the best for the money. I’ve been more than pleased with the results I’ve had with all these products,” he adds. “I’m a firm believer, and I have 100% confidence in these products.”

Hooper said he not only uses the products, he encourages his customers to use them too. He’s placed more lambs than ever this year compared to years past and estimates about 95% of his customers have started using the Vita Charge as well. He keeps a tube in his truck with him in case he or a customer needs one.

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