winter management in sheep and goats

Tips for Winter Management of Sheep and Goats

The cold weather is enough to stress out all species of man and beast. But for sheep and goats, and especially those that lamb and kid in the cold winter months, extra management steps need to be taken to eliminate the stress on the flocks and herds.   Although most sheep and goats will have thick coats of […]

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Business Plan is First Step to Successful Sheep Enterprise

There’s no business like the show lamb business. But when getting into the sheep business, or any livestock enterprise, it is important to remember that it is indeed a business. Every successful business needs to start with two things: a business plan and a set of goals.  Successful club lamb producer and third generation agribusinessman Tyson […]

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Why is Protein Necessary in your Sheep and Goats’ Diet?

Protein or no protein? That is a popular question among sheep and goat breeders. Protein is arguably one of the more expensive nutrients in the diet, yet it is essential to the proper health and wellness of the flock and herd. Do you need protein year-round? Probably not. However, there are critical times in your ewes […]

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