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One of the biggest challenges sheep producers face is getting ewes bred in the midst of summer for a fall and early spring lamb crop. The heat stress, insects and length of the day can cause roadblocks to breeding success. But now with DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® HEAT® getting them bred and keeping them bred through the summer has never been easier!

DuraFerm HEAT


NEW DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid

A free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement for sheep specifically designed to target cycling, embryo production and conception when fed 30 days prior to lambing through breeding. Also contains HEAT to help prevent heat stress during temperatures of 70 degrees and above.

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How It Works

The Amaferm Advantage:
Amaferm is a precision-based prebiotic that is research-proven to combat heat stress. It also helps stimulate appetite, increase feed digestibility and maximize nutrient absorption.

Capsaicin acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to help animals maintain normal body temperature. Also proven to increase water intake.

Garlic acts as a natural insect deterrent as the smell repels insects through breath and skin excretion.

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